Do you plan to add levels to Yuri in addition to the 10 existing levels?
Quite, we are working on it, an upcoming update of Yuri will add new levels.

I have already bought Yuri but I would like to reinstall it on another device, do I have to pay it again?
No, once you bought the game, you can reinstall it as many times as you want.

I bought the game on iPad / iPhone and I would like to install it on my AppleTV, have to pay it again?
No, Yuri is a “Universal purchases”, which means that by buying it once, you can then install it on your iPad, iPhone and AppleTV.

I bought Yuri on iPad / iPhone / AppleTV and would like to install it on my Mac, do I have to redeem the game?
Unfortunately yes, the AppStore for Mac and for iPad / iPhone / AppleTV are different shops and it is currently not possible to make links between the two shops.

I would like to play with an external controller to Yuri, is it possible?
Soon! We are working on it, it will be possible in the next version of Yuri.

Are you planning to release Yuri on platforms other than the Apple AppStore? (Android, Windows, Wii U, …)?
At the moment no, we do not plan to carry Yuri on Android or on Windows, but never say never, maybe for later.

Are you planning to release Yuri on the next Nintendo console, the Nintendo Switch?
Nintendo games are a major inspiration for Yuri and we would love to release Yuri on the Switch but we are a small team and for now we prefer to focus on developing the next levels of the game.

Who is Yuri?
Good question! Some think it is a cosmonaut, others that it is an eskimo. One sure thing is that this curious little traveller doesn’t miss an opportunity to take a nap.